Easy Easter tree craft

Spring is in the air and the sunshine is bringing joy and celebration into my home. Easter is without a doubt my favourite time of year, ahead of the sparkle and glitter of Christmas and the splashing and sunbathing of summer. There’s the glorious family get-together, without the manic shopping frenzy or packing. It’s a little bit of magic to share with my husband and my two daughters, age 4 and 6.

Hand painted Easter eggs on the Easter tree

This year, we decided to make an Easter tree – we’d seen some for sale in various shops, but some looked a little sterile and not worth the money, so we decided to have a go at our own. It’s by no means perfect, or even Pinterest-worthy, but it’s full of fun and happy memories!

Step 1: Find some twigs.

You need nice, springy twigs, without buds or leaves. We live in the Forest of Dean, so we have plenty of choice just a minute from our back gate, but this year it was a bit snowy and we didn’t have time to dry out twigs, so we bought these. Depending on your preference, you could spray them white or gold, but we have opted for the natural look, to go with the woodland theme in our home.

Step 2: Pretty lights.


We love the festive sparkle of little lights twinkling on the tree. We already had these leaf skeleton lights at home, but you can find lots of similar sets in the shops – I’ve seen some that look like Easter eggs and some cute little bunny lights like these from Ella James. You need to wind the lights around the twigs, from the bottom up, and secure them with cable tie just to make sure the branches stay steady.

Step 3: Find the right vase to put them in.

The one I used was one we have for displaying lilies. It’s nice and tall, to give support to the branches and I like the tapered shape.

Step 4: Decorations


We painted our own ceramic eggs, using a pack from Hobbycraft, to give it that personal touch. The ceramic eggs are quite heavy compared to blown hen’s eggs, but we intend to keep ours and add to them each year. It’s a wonderful tradition and you can see the children’s artistic skills improving as they grow and look back on the happy memories. I’ve seen some trees where people have glue-gunned jelly beans to the branches for a cute and colourful effect, or put on artificial flowers, or fluffy chicks.

And there you have it – one personalised Easter tree for your home.


Thanks to the lovely Emily Beckloff from International Elf Service for finally motivating me to write my first blog post. If you haven’t read her posts before, pop on over and join her Facebook group too – you won’t be disappointed.

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